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Basingstoke & District Dog Training Club

Courses and Prices

Helping you get the best from your dog

All our courses are based on positive reinforcement - recognizing desired behaviour and rewarding

Our courses have been designed to complement each other. Starting at the most basic skills needed by young puppies we have classes that will build up to KC Good Citizen’s Gold level and even Introduction to Competitive Obedience. We give you the tools and techniques to work with your dog’s unique personality and aim to help you get a dog that is both a responsible citizen and a pleasure to share your life with.

  • Courses suited to the dog in your family, whether she/he is a brand new puppy or an adopted rescue dog who needs help to understand their new life.
  • Structured courses in a friendly and fun environment
  • Currently designed around 7 week blocks
  • Each class lasts 45mins
  • Spacious indoor venue with parking
  • All our trainers are experienced instructors, dog lovers and owners who undertake regular training courses to maintain their skills
  • Kennel Club registered

Find the best course for you and your dog

Our courses have a clear structured format. Each week you will learn new skills and build on those acquired in previous lessons. Our trainers will use their knowledge and experience to help you get the best results for your dog. To get the most from the course, it is important that you continue the work outside the class environment and practise the skills you learn between classes. The more you put in, the more the bond between you and your dog and your dog’s understanding will increase.

If you are unsure which is the best course for you and your dog, please get in contact with us.


This is currently a 7 week course for puppies who have had their first vaccination and are up to 16 weeks old at the start of the course. The course aims to help you develop your puppy in to a calm, well-mannered dog that is happy to greet people and other dogs, respond to basic commands (sit, stand, lie down, recall), accept grooming / vet checks and understand the first steps in walking closely with you when on a lead.

Classes will be kept small (maximum 8 puppies) and the emphasis will be on helping the handler to enjoy the training process. The course will be run by one or more trainers who will ensure that you get the best instruction for your puppy. Each handler will be given a booklet containing information that will support what has been covered in the class and you will be able to contact your trainer via the web site if you have any concerns in the days between classes.


This is currently a 7 week course for puppies older than 16 weeks, puppies who have completed the Puppy Course & want to progress and for older dogs who may not have had the opportunity of previous training. The course aims to progress puppies on from their initial training and to develop your dog in to a calm companion though basic obedience training. In addition to basic commands, we will also cover recall at distance, ‘go to bed’, stay and develop your loose lead walking.

Classes will be kept small (maximum 8 dogs) and the emphasis will be on helping the handler to enjoy the training process. The course will be run by one or more trainers who will ensure that you get the best instruction for your dog. You will be able to contact your trainer via the web site if you have any concerns in the days between classes.


This is an on-going course that can be booked in blocks of (currently) 7 weeks. This class is open to handlers and dogs that have successfully passed through the Puppy and Intermediate courses with the club. There will also be an opportunity for some dogs to join that have not been involved with the club after assessment on an individual basis. There will be a maximum of 8 dogs in the class and 2 trainers. The exercises will be a continuation and progression of those already taught. The aim will be to enable the handler and dog to work at their pace and plenty of flexibility will be available so each pair can have fun and achieve their personal goals. The teaching methods used will be based on positive reinforcement, recognizing desired behaviour and rewarding.

Some of the exercises on offer include

  • Warm up and engagement.
  • Lead walking safely. Off lead with recall and downs.
  • Bed time to mat or sendaway when not bedtime.
  • Waiting when told.
  • Retrieve, picking up article and bringing to handler when asked.
  • Scent, picking out handlers scent and bringing back.
  • Plus any other exercises handlers would like to attempt.

There are many levels that these exercises may be performed, handlers may choose what exercises to do and the level they wish to achieve. The class will be very practical and with dogs at different levels it is hoped that we will all learn from one another whilst dogs and handlers both enjoy the class.

As we restart the Club, we are not yet able to offer the following courses that we have provided in the past. When we are fully back up and running we hope to be able to restart these as well. In the interim, our Advanced course can provide training elements supporting those wishing to achieve Kennel Club Good Citizen, as well as those seeking an introduction to Competitive Obedience. The Club hopes to be able to continue to provide Kennel Club Good Citizen testing opportunities for its members.

Kennel Club Good Citizen

The Kennel Club developed these nationally recognised qualifications for dogs to demonstrate their attainment of set levels of obedience. We run courses covering the skills needed to pass Bronze, Silver and Gold levels and organise formal tests about every 6 months. Classes run on a rolling basis so you can decide with your trainers when you are ready to take each test. There is usually a waiting list for these classes.

Competitive Obedience

This class is an introductory course in Competitive Obedience. Places are limited and give you the opportunity to learn from others and also share your experience. Positive reward based training methods are used and emphasis is given to building your relationship with your dog. We aim to advise and inform on the standards and techniques needed for the distinctive requirements of competitive obedience. Class members will have the opportunity to represent the Club at the annual Hampshire Rally competition which is a friendly inter-regional club obedience event hosted by a different club every year. The funds raised by the event go to charity.

Please familiarise yourself with our Code of Conduct before starting this class.

Prices and Annual Membership

Payment in full is needed to secure your place. We prefer bank transfer, but can also accept cash or cheque

These courses include temporary club membership for the duration of the course
Course Fee
Puppy £70 per dog for the 7 week course
These courses require full club membership details below
Course Fee
Good Citizen £45 per dog per 7 week cycle
Annual membership renews at the beginning of each year
Membership Fee
Individual £10
Family or Couple £15
Senior Citizens £3
Junior (under 18 years) £5