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Basingstoke and District Dog Training Club

Reward Based Obedience Training for Dogs and their Owners

Happy 2018
Courses start on 8th January 2018

Our Companion Dog Show 2015 raised £2500 for good causes

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Help your dog to become a good citizen.

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The club is held at the Brighton Hill Community College.

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Code of Conduct

We’d like everyone to enjoy being at Club so we need to be thoughtful about each other’s needs  – doggy and human alike!

Please never touch a dog without first asking the owner. Some dogs coming to Club may be nervous and/or unused to people and other dogs. It’s important that the dogs’ needs are respected.

Please look at our information on What to do Before Training and our recommended Training Kit.

It can get noisy and hectic coming in and out of club so please do what you can to make this as calm and controlled as possible – for the well being of our dogs, handlers and for those living nearby.

As it’s virtually impossible to get venues willing to take dogs, we have to be super careful about keeping things clean, tidy and safe.

Toilet Manners

Junior Handlers

We love to see enthusiastic, interested youngsters at Club. Research shows only at the age of around 12 has one’s reaction time developed enough to be truly safe in crossing roads. The acuteness of our observation skills and our ability to be calm and thoughtful develop at different rates too. We mention this because its important for dogs and junior handlers alike to be ready and able to work well together...this applies to adults too!

As a guideline we’d expect a junior handler to be 14 or older. We do a brief evaluation for all junior handlers and their dogs to ensure it’s to their mutual benefit to be training partners.

Families and Visitors at Club

You’re always very welcome here. It’s good to know what happens at Club – to see how your pet gets trained or to help you choose a place to train your dog. Just introduce yourself at reception when you arrive.

We follow a few simple rules:

Thank you!

Children and Dogs at Home

Having a settled happy dog at home is helped by agreeing some simple family ground rules. For example: